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Making trees work for you

Just Add Trees is owned and run by Clinton Tepper. We’re based on a farm near Warragul, Victoria and offer consultancy and project management services to help you integrate trees on both small and large scale farms to improve their productivity and resilience.

With over 25 years experience in the forestry and agriculture industry and on my own farms, I understand and have experienced the benefits trees offer farms everyday.  I want to help other farmers experience the tangible advantages that integrated tree systems can provide within 12 months of planting.

Understanding trees as an asset

After many years working as a forester, I came to understand that trees on many farms were often not delivering on their incredible potential.

These trees, which could be viewed as valuable farm assets, were often regarded as a liability for a variety of reasons – limbs falling on fences, reducing pasture production, harbouring pest plants and animals and being difficult to manage due to a lack of space.

I found this reality troubling and it made me determined to revisit farm forestry design principles to find a method that would benefit both the farmer and the land.

Working with Just Add Trees

Just Add Trees offers a multi-storey farming and farm forestry service that can improve the productivity, profitability and resilience of your farming business.

To achieve this, we offer advice that is tailored to the needs of the farmer, the capacity of your site and the established markets for tree products.

Prior to giving specific advice, Clinton will always seek to meet you on your property to discuss your objectives and walk the site.

Alternatively you can choose to visit Clinton’s farm to view established tree systems, equipping you to refine your own picture of how managed trees might enhance your farm before engaging Just Add Trees.

What we offer

Just Add Trees can help with the following:

  • All aspects of multi-storey farming and farm forestry design;
  • Step by step guidance and prescriptions for implementing the design;
  • Direct access to a select group of contractors that specialise in the implementation of Just Add Tree designs;
  • Access to improved seed and seedlings;
  • Nutrition advice based on soil and foliar analysis through SWEP Laboratories.

We also offer management, project review and troubleshooting services to farmers who have existing timber plantations or farm forests.

Clinton says ‘Each day on my own farm I experience the wide ranging advantages that trees offer farmers. I want other farmers to benefit in the same way.’

To do this sound, proven principles are applied to specifically integrate trees onto your farm in a characteristic way that meets your objectives.  The combination of individual sites and objectives makes each design unique.

If you have an existing plantation that is under performing or looking unhealthy, or if you’d just like some more information, contact Clinton to arrange a free site inspection.

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