Farm forestry consulting

In recent years Clinton has come to understand that a rotation of experience is required before a forester can best advise others with confidence.

This means that a forester needs to have experienced all aspects of farm forestry development – planning, site selection, establishment, management, harvesting, marketing and re-establishment at farm and plantation levels across a wide range of sites and climatic extremes over a 20 plus year period.

Just Add Trees can offer this.

What we offer

Clinton offers a unique blend of over 25 years experience in farm forestry, native forests and timber plantations.

His experience started in the native forests of Grafton, NSW and then as a reforestation/forest officer at Noojee (1.5hrs east of Melbourne) and then into farm forestry and finally timber plantations of both native and exotic species.

This sequence offers a blend and depth of experience that very few are blessed to draw on.

Clinton has  first-hand experience with over 50 species of timber tree, establishment and management of more than 2 million trees on hundreds of sites, across 6 countries.

He also uses a number of expert consultants to offer a fully-integrated service for you and your farm.

You can call us for consulting advice in the areas of tree planning, design, establishment, management and project evaluation.

When you engage with Clinton and Just Add Trees you’re accessing a forest scientist who is so passionate about developing renewable timber plantings that he grows his own, and has been doing so since 1996.

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